01/ DananService

Caller ringback tones now available

02/ Tebiye Service

Never miss a call, even when out of reach.

3gservice3G Service

From quick email access to downloading large attachments, Somtel 3G helps you work better and faster. From E-Dahab transactions, VoIP services, video conferencing and lots more on your phone Somtel 3G is there to help.Experience the EDGE Somtel Plug and Play USB modem for your laptop and kiss slow speeds goodbye.

ourmissionOur Mission

Somtel GSM network operations strives to provide the correct technologies at a reasonable price with the purpose of developing state of the art technologies to major urban and rural areas of Somaliland and beyond.


E-DAHAB is a service of Somtel International Limited that allows you to upload funds into your mobile and pay for just about anything.  From a grocery store to a shopping mall or eating out with friends, E-DAHAB is all you need…Discover the easy and safe way to pay!!

Close up of young attractive woman talking on the smart phoneMobile Service

Take full advantage of your phone with our line of mobile services. From video calling to apps and everything in between, we offer a wide range of services to satisfy your communication needs.