Introduction of Our Services.

eDahab is providing the most comprehensive and accessible package of mobile banking features currently available in the Somali region. eDahab represents the most comprehensive mobile banking service ever launched which provides millions of people with access to banking for the very first time.
Somtel is partnering with leading international and regional financial institutions including Dahabshiil International Bank and Dahabshiil Money Transfer, which will allow Somtel customers in the three markets to use their mobile


To provide creative mobile money solutions to the unbanked communities for financial inclusion, to connect our clients to the world of ecommerce by providing cutting edge digital payment solutions, to be the desired working place and to maximize value for shareholder.
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Key Services

Core Services
Send and receive money

Often small mobile phone stores or other retailers such as barbers, butchers, bakers, etc.
and then deposit cash in exchange for electronic money.
Customers can then send money to their family
or friends throughout the country and beyond.
Domestic transfers
eDahab customers can send money in real time to any other eDahab customer with an account registered in the same country.
International transfers
Through our international Dahabshiil remittance company and agent partners, eDahab customers can receive and send money across borders in real time.
eDahab customers have access to fantastic individual and group savings products including KAYDSO which enables our customers to save safely whilst complying to Sharia laws.
Bank Transfer
Customers and Agents can transfer money between their eDahab wallets and Dahabshiil bank accounts in real time.

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